Linen and Uniform Services to Impress Your Diners

For nearly four decades, we’ve helped restaurants, executive dining rooms, and educational institutions create a dining experience and special events their guests won’t soon forget. To help our customers enhance the aesthetics of their establishment, NELS has continued to lead the way in linen and uniform rentals and sales in the Northeast.

Restaurant Linens and Napkins

A well-set table makes a great first impression of the entire dining room.

We offer a full variety of colors, patterns and styles including rounds, squares, and rectangles to match your decor. Our team will help you build the right inventory and support you with fast flexible delivery. Our rental program includes continuously refreshing our inventory to provide the finest freshest linens. 

When you choose NELS for your rental linen and uniform services, you’re working with a group of professionals who want to help you impress your customers, every time.

Executive Chef and Kitchen Wear

Dressing for success just got a whole lot easier! NELS works with top of the line retailers to provide chefs, servers, and hospitality and foodservice employees with uniforms that are both functional and fashionable.  

Using a uniform rental service means crisp, clean uniform delivery every week, or when you need it! No more worn uniforms or extra expenses for employees, just fresh, professionally finished uniforms that are ready to go! Starting a uniform program is the best way to keep employees looking good and feeling great while staying on brand.

Restaurant and Hospitality Wear we Offer: 

  • Chef Coats

    • Standard
    • Embroidered
    • Bragard
  • Chef Pants

    • Black
    • White
    • Checkered
    • Baggy
  • Aprons

    • Bib
    • Bistro
    • Bar
  • Shirts

    • Black
    • White
  • Caps

  • Accessories

Light Industrial Uniforms

NELS offers light industrial uniforms for your non-kitchen uniform needs with the same pick-up and laundry services so fresh uniforms are always ready to be worn. 

Mats, Kitchen Accessories and Other Services

A clean environment provides the best and healthiest dining experience that will keep your customers coming back for more. To support your business, we have a wide selection of Mats and kitchen supplies including:

  • Comfort Mats
  • Kitchen Mats
  • Washroom Mats
  • Dust Mops
  • Wet Mops
  • Industrial Towels
  • Scraper Mats
  • Logo Mats

Add your logo or embellish coats, aprons, caps and more to help your brand make a greater impact. We offer custom embroidery services to all of our customers.

Ready to Dress up Your Outfit for Success?

If you would like to know more about renting, purchasing, or using additional linen and uniform services from NELS, let us know!

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